Our Story & The New Verdmo

Verdmo started by creating a simple WiFi connected soil sensor designed for your lawn. Since then we have learned a lot about what customers want, and how to create sensors that provide the information you need. With that knowledge we have set out to create a new line of sensors that will provide each and every person with more information, in a simple and easy way, so that they can better understand what their plants, gardens and lawns need.

We have also set out to create sensors that work for different locations and uses. Going forward we will be offering a range of sensors that includes more professional features such as long range connections, longer battery life and more in depth data. Of course all of our sensors are available for both home and business use, the choice is yours.

Verdmo has also made a decision to require a subscription for all app connected products going forward (don't worry it is very low cost, cheaper than a coffee per month!). We have decided to do this to ensure that we can continue to provide you with on going support and improvements to our products long term, to allow the quick development of new products to expand our line of home based sensors, and so we can invest in environmentally responsible materials, procedures and products.

Environmental Commitment

One of the main goals we have as a company is minimizing our environmental footprint. We have taken several steps to do this and we will continue to look for new ways in the future.

Limiting Labels - We are no longer using labels where possible to cut down on paper usage. 

Recycled Boxes - Verdmo has switched to using recycled boxes.

Recyclable Packaging - Almost all of our packaging going forward will be recyclable, so please recycle it after you receive your Verdmo shipment.

Reduction of Included Paper - Your Verdmo product will not include an instruction sheet, but everything will be readily available online.

Carbon Footprint Offset - We will be tracking all of our shipments and paying to neutralize the carbon emissions.

Of course this is all on top of the decisions you make by using our sensors to cut down on water usage, the reduction of harmful chemicals and more that Verdmo sensors can help you make.

Improving Customer Service

We are committed to continually improving our customer service to ensure that your experience with Verdmo is nothing short of exceptional. This is why we have set out to improve in a number of important ways.

Improved Product Usability - Our new products will be easier to use and built better to ensure that you have fewer reasons to look for support.

Set Customer Service Response Times - When you contact us with a question or issue we promise to respond within 48hrs guaranteed.

Improved Online Help & Information - We will be offering more avenues to allow you to troubleshoot your device online, as well as providing more setup and how-to information.

Easier Returns - We hope you never need, or want, to return you Verdmo product, but if you do we will be providing an easy to follow process so it is as painless as possible.

Verdmo has changed to provide you better service and better products.