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V.001 - LED Soil Moisture Sensor

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With the click of a button know if your plant needs some water or not. Our LED soil moisture sensor is simple to use and has a discreet design that blends in, not stands out.  Add one to all of your plants to keep them happy. Available in multi-packs to get you started quicker, and save you some money.


Easy To Use In Any Plant

We've designed this sensor to be almost too easy to use. Simply remove the plastic around the battery, place it in soil around the plant you'd like to monitor, and press the button to see if your plant is in need of a drink or not. Could it be easier?

Simply Know When to Water

The sensor will show you three different LED colours depending on how much water is currently in your soil. Blue means there is more than enough, Green means everything is good, and Red means you should water.

RED - less than 15% water

GREED - 15% to 60% water

BLUE - more than 60% water

The sensor will "blink" it's LED every 2 hours, or every 5 minutes if it is RED. But you can always press the button to get an instant reading.

How to use

Place the sensor in your plant. Press the button. Water if needed. That's it.



Size: 5"(13cm) X 1" (5.5cm) X .25" (.6cm)

Battery: CR2030 (included)

In The Box:

One Sensor with Battery Included


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More Info

Warranty + Return policy

All Verdmo products come with a one (1) year limited warranty unless otherwise specified.

All Returns are provided a flat rate pre-paid shipping label to ensure a quick and easy return process.

More Info

  • Ongoing Battery Life

    Your sensor will continue to work for up to one year without having to worry about changing the battery.

  • Discreet Design

    Know your Verdmo sensor is there, but out of site with a discreet design that blends in and doesn't distract.

  • LED Notification

    Click the button to get a quick update on if your plant has too much, just enough, or not enough water.

The Easiest Plant Sensor Available. Period.


  • use Verdmo sensor water only when needed don't under water don't overwater