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Our outdoor soil sensors are built to last and offer easy to use tools to your customers. Offer them a solution to cut down on water usage and to create a better looking lawn and garden today.

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Fully waterproof, long range WiFi connection, rechargeable battery and a choice of sensors gives you and your customers a new tool that will last season after season.

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Common Questions

Can Verdmo connect to irrigation systems?

Coming soon! We will be offering a variety of ways to connect your Verdmo sensor to existing irrigation systems. Contact us to learn more.

How is Verdmo different from other systems?

Verdmo is built to be completely wireless and work without any kind "hub". The customer (or you) will get access to both a mobile and web app so they can monitor their sensors from anywhere. On top of this customers can setup reminders and alerts so that they can be advised when to water.

We will be offering new products soon that will allow direct sensor based control for either sensor inputs on existing controllers or direct valve control.

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How well is Verdmo built?

Verdmo has been completely designed to withstand outdoor usage. We use a completely waterproof design (IP68) that can withstand any amount of water. It can also withstand an extremely wide range of temperatures for any climate.

We also include a rechargeable battery which can be charged via USB to make it easy for you or the customer to recharge the the sensor.

How can we sell to our customers?

We offer two ways to sell Verdmo's products.

1) Our affiliate program is a simple way to get Verdmo's into the hands of your customers and make 10% off each sale. Simply have your customers purchase via a specific link and you will automatically get paid.

2) Become a partner and purchase Verdmo's as a discounted wholesale rate allowing you to offer Verdmo's directly to your customer.

We suggest offering an on going service to your customers which can include things such as setup, maintenance, and monitoring to adjust irrigation control to optimize watering scheduling.

Verdmo offers full support to both our customers and yours. We can also provide marketing materials and any other information needed.

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Contact Us: or 289-678-2699

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