The Verdmo App

Verdmo has changed from top to bottom, new products, new policies and a new app that is easier to use and more powerful.

New App. More Features.

With the new Verdmo app built with the power of Blynk we now offer a more complete and polished experience for all of our users.

Easy to Use: A new design that makes it simple to see your sensor readings from the dashboard or the sensor page.

More Data: Dig into each reading and check to see how it has changed overtime from rain, waterings and more with our superchart.

Automations: Create powerful settings for updates, alerts and more all from the app.

More Coming Soon: We will be continuing to update the app and it's features regularly to ensure Verdmo is always offering you more.

The new app coupled with new Verdmo products creates the perfect blend of built-to-last quality and easy to use information so you can simply water better.

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Powerful and easy to use features to create the alerts you need.

  • Endless Alerts

    We give you the ability to create as many automations and alerts as you need. Monitor moisture levels, get alerts on battery life and more all automatically.

  • Limitless Options

    Setup automations with full control, limit when alerts (e-mails or notifications) are sent, control how often, and choose exactly what triggers them.

Coming Soon

  • Google Home/Alexa

    Use Google Home and Alexa to check in on your sensors or turn on specific irrigation zones (with Irrigation Controller Add-On) with just your voice.

  • Webhook Connections

    Use Automations to trigger your online irrigation controller (like Hydrawise & Rachio) automatically when your sensors ready low moisture levels.

  • Irrigation Controller

    A simple to use controller that allows you to connect to just the zones you want, or your existing controllers sensor inputs, and automate everything.

Web Dashboard

Get the same information and control in a larger format in your web browser.

A new Verdmo with a new app experience built for now and the future.