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V.004 - Outdoor WiFi Soil Moisture Sensor

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A Professional Soil Sensor for your Lawn and Garden

We have created the perfect moisture sensor for your home, combining commercial level construction and features without the expensive price. Built to last and easy to use the Verdmo V.004 is the moisture sensor you have been waiting for you. Great for your lawn, garden or anywhere else you need a fool proof sensor option.

The new Verdmo is completely redesigned to provide better moisture readings, better WiFi connection, better battery life and is now completely waterproof. Understand your watering needs with Verdmo and our new app. Choose between two sensor types (moisture only or moisture, temperature and EC) to get the readings you need

Know Exactly When to Water

Make your lawn beautiful by watering only when you need to. Place Verdmo in your lawn or garden and immediately get updates on when you should water. Check the readings manually or setup automations to alert you when you need to water.

Choose The Right Sensor

The Outdoor Verdmo now comes with an option of two different sensor types.

Soil Moisture: Get soil moisture readings that are simple to understand and let you know when, and when not to water.

Soil Moisture+EC(Salinity)+Temp: Get soil moisture readings plus understand your soils salinity and temperature to better gauge what your plants and lawn need including when to look into adding fertilizer.

Find out more on our knowledgebase

How to use

Charge the Sensor. Connect it to the Blynk App. Install it in your soil at the desired location and depth. Begin getting updates and start to water better.




Size: 3.15" (80cm) X 3.15" (80cm) X 1.75" (45cm)


Size: 2.5" (6.5cm) X 1.75" (4.5cm) X .6" (1.5cm)

Probe Length: 2.75"(7cm)

Wire Length: 60"(150cm)

Battery: Li-Ion

Battery Life: 9 months+

Recharging: USB-C

In The Box:

One Sensor with Battery Included

Wall Mounting Hardware

App + Subscription


Verdmo is been recreated to offer a simple and more powerful experience. You also get access to a web version of the app as well allowing you to review and check on your sensors from any location. Learn More


Verdmo now charges a subscription of $1/mth for products that connect to an app. The first year is included in the purchase price. The reason for this is to ensure ongoing support and updates for products. Any changes and updates to the mobile and web app will be included.


All orders ship within 48hrs unless clearly specified. We offer both Canada Post and UPS shipping options and a variety of speed options. Free shipping is offered on orders over $200. More Info

Warranty + Return policy

All Verdmo products come with a one (1) year limited warranty unless otherwise specified.

All Returns are provided a flat rate pre-paid shipping label to ensure a quick and easy return process.

More Info

A new app with powerful features to make your Verdmo help you water better.

Learn More
  • Built to Last

    The Verdmo Outdoor Sensor is completely water and dust proof (IP68) to ensure that is will last in any location.

  • In Ground or Mounted

    Your Verdmo can be placed on/in your lawn or mounted above ground with the included mounting hardware.

  • Lawns and Gardens

    The Verdmo Outdoor sensor is perfect for your lawn, garden and any where else you want to water better.

A Simple To Use Wireless Soil Sensor Built To Last.

The New Verdmo

We have made many changes to make the new Verdmo better in almost every way.

  • Sensor

    Not only have we created a new sensor that is fully waterproof and can be placed at any depth, you also now have the choice of only Moisture Readings, or adding EC and Temperature so that you can get a complete picture of what your soil needs.

  • Waterproof

    We decided it was time to update Verdmo to make it truly able to withstand outdoor environments. The new Verdmo is now completely waterproof and dust proof (IP68) so you can use your Verdmo whereever you want without having to worry about if it will last.

  • WiFi & Battery

    We have also improved two other very important aspects of your Verdmo. We have added an internal WiFi antenna for better range, and now have an included a battery which lasts longer and is rechargeable. The new Verdmo is better in everyway.

Why Verdmo?


Connections Coming Soon

Connect your Verdmo Outdoor Sensor to your existing irrigation system and more.

  • Online Irrigation Control

    We want to make Verdmo useful as possible and one way to do that is to connect it to irrigation systems to allow for automatic control of watering. More info coming soon on how you will be able to make this connection easily. In the meantime our API is available for use.

  • Legacy Irrigation Control

    Not all irrigation systems have an internet connection, or allow access to their controls wirelessly (API, etc). Because of this it is necessarily to connect directly to the controller and Verdmo understands this. Soon we will be providing a simple to fix this issue and give you total control.