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V.003 - Indoor Smart Garden

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Always wanted to grow something but never had the patience? Why not try our new indoor smart garden? Featuring an LED lamp that provides your plant with the right amount of light, and a low water alert, you will have the results you want before you know it. Our planter allows you to grow anything you want without worrying about ordering pods each and every time. Save money and the environment by cutting down on shipping and waste from other companies. Grow what you want when you want with the Verdmo Smart Planter.

No Pods, Grow What You Want

The Verdmo planter does not use grow pods. We made this decision for two reasons. First of all we wanted to cut down on any extra environmental impact. Plastic packaging, extra shipping, and overall waste is not something we wanted to add too.

Secondly we wanted to make sure you had complete control over what was grown. Have some special seeds that you love? Why not grow them inside. Looking for a special variety of herb? If you can find it, you can grow it.

Easy Watering + Perfect Lighting

The Verdmo Planter is extremely easy to use. After setting it up and planting your seeds all you need to do is fill it with water, turn on the light, and wait for your plants to start growing.

The planter includes a red and green LED, letting you know easily if it has enough water, or needs a top up.

The LED light automatically runs on a timer of 16hours on, and 8 hours on, and lets you choose the LED colour you need, Blue, Red, or White (or combined).

Find out more about it on our knowledgebase.

How to use

Place undersoil material, soil and seeds into the planter box. Place the box into the planter, add water and plug in. That's it!



Size: 11.9"(30cm) X 4.6" (12cm) X 14.7" (37cm)

Power: USB w/ Outlet Adapter

In The Box:

One Planter w/ LED light

Undersoil Planter Material

USB Cord

Outlet to USB Adapter


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More Info

Warranty + Return policy

All Verdmo products come with a one (1) year limited warranty unless otherwise specified.

All Returns are provided a flat rate pre-paid shipping label to ensure a quick and easy return process.

More Info

  • Adjustable Light Height

    Let your plant grow to it's full potential by adjusting the height of the LED light as your plant gets taller.

  • Modern Look for Your Home

    The Verdmo Planter has a modern design to fit in with your decor no matter where it's located.

  • Four LED Settings

    Give your plant the right type of light by choosing which colour LEDs to turn on. You can easily toggle the light output with the press of a button.

  • Never Forget to Water

    Your Verdmo Planter will show green if everything is OK, and will show red and beep if your planter needs water. Simple and easy to use.

Grow what you want with the Verdmo Planter. No Pods. No waste.

Enjoy herbs and more right in your kitchen. Easily.