Frequently Asked Questions

Hunting for answers to your questions always annoying. We've done our best to make it easy to find the information you are looking for. Below are some quick answers to the most common questions we get. For more in depth troubleshooting and step-by-step guides please visit out knowledge base, and of course you can always contact us with with any specific questions you have as well.


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Shipping & Tracking

All orders of in stock items will ship within 48hrs of being ordered. If your item is not in stock we will update you with a planned ship date.

We offer two different shipping methods, UPS and Canada Post. Canada Post orders will be handed off to your local mail service (Eg. USPS) for delivery. Usually UPS will be faster but more expensive. You can make the choice of shipping options at checkout.

All orders (Post and UPS) have a tracking number which will be sent to you when your order is shipped. For Post tracking numbers you can use and your local postal website for tracking.

Verdmo is not responsible for any customs or duties required. Your courier of choice will let you know if any is required.

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Warranties & Returns

Every Verdmo product, unless otherwise stated, has a 1 year limited warranty and a 30 day return period for unopened products.

Please contact us for any returns or warranty issues and we will send you a pre-paid return label (flat rate). All return shipping is not covered by Verdmo and will be removed from any refund.

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Setup & Troubleshooting

We want to make setup as easy as possible. This is why we have put together detailed step-by-step instructions for each of our products to make it easy. Please visit our Knowledgebase to view these instructions.

We also have detailed troubleshooting guides available on our Knowledgebase to help you with any issues. Of course you can always reach out to use as well.

App and Subscription

Verdmo now uses the Blynk app, available on both iOS and Android. We have made this switch to ensure we can provide a great experience for you, as well as the opportunity to use it for other products. The app will be continuously updated with new features giving you more control over your Verdmo products. Furthermore any future product will be powered by the same app.

Starting Spring 2022 we will be requiring a low cost subscription for all app connected products. The cost will be less than a cup of coffee a month! The reason we have made this decision is to make sure we can continue to provide you with innovative products, a great app experience, on going support and an increasing eco-system of sensors and services. We want Verdmo to grow with you and a low cost subscription allows us to do this.

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Verdmo stives to be as enviromentally conxious as possible. We continuously look at our products and processes to see where we can cut down on waste and lessen our environmental impact. A few of the ways we are doing this is:

Recycable Packaging

No Labels

E-mailed Paperwork

Recycled Plastic

Co2 Shipping Offsetting

We would love to hear from you on any suggestions on how we could cut our environmental footprint even more.

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Something We Missed?

We are continuously working to update our knowledgebase with answers to your questions. At Verdmo we want to make everything as seemless as possible, so please send us any questions you have that you can't find the answers to on our site, we'll answer them for you, and update our site for future customers. Thank you!

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