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V.002 - Indoor WiFi Soil Moisture Sensor

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Want to check on your plants from the comfort of your couch? Try our new indoor wifi soil moisture sensor connected Verdmo. Easily open the app to see if your plant is a little thirsty, or is OK to wait awhile. Setup alerts so you never miss a watering, and check out the history graph to see how your plant is doing overtime. And don't worry about the battery, plug it in and recharge it whenever it tells you it's feeling a little low energy. Simple, discreet and informative. Order our multi-packs to save some money too.

Easy To Use In Any Plant

Never under or over water your plants again. The Verdmo Indoor sensor works in any indoor plant. Simple charge it using the USB port, connect it to the our app, and begin monitoring and getting notified when to water your plants.

Simply Know When to Water

By using the our app with your Verdmo Indoor Soil Moisture Sensor you will be able to check the moisture level of your plant from anywhere. A quick check will let you know if you need to water or not. Better yet setup an automation to easily get notified when your plant drops below a set level. Take the guess work out of watering.

How to use

Charge the sensor. Connect it to the Blynk App. Place it in your plant and begin getting updates. It's that simple.



Size: 6.75" (17cm) X 1.4" (3.5cm) X .75" (2cm)

Battery: Li-Ion

Battery Life: 3 months+

Recharging: USB-C

In The Box:

One Sensor with Battery Included

App + Subscription


Verdmo is been recreated to offer a simple and more powerful experience. You also get access to a web version of the app as well allowing you to review and check on your sensors from any location. Learn More


Verdmo now charges a subscription of $1/mth for products that connect to an app. The first year is included in the purchase price. The reason for this is to ensure ongoing support and updates for products. Any changes and updates to the mobile and web app will be included.


All orders ship within 48hrs unless clearly specified. We offer both Canada Post and UPS shipping options and a variety of speed options. Free shipping is offered on orders over $200.

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Warranty + Return policy

All Verdmo products come with a one (1) year limited warranty unless otherwise specified.

All Returns are provided a flat rate pre-paid shipping label to ensure a quick and easy return process.

More Info

A new app with powerful features to make your Verdmo help you water better.

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  • indoor wifi soil moisture sensor app battery long life

    Ongoing Battery Life

    Your sensor will continue to work for months with a charge, and when needed is easy to do with USB.

  • Discreet Design

    Know your Verdmo sensor is there, but out of site with a discreet design that blends in and doesn't distract.

  • App Notifications

    Use the Verdmo App to get easy to understand moisture readings, and alerts when your sensor plant needs water.

A Simple to Use Wireless Indoor Soil Sensor for All of Your Plants.

Install it and forget it. Get alerts when to water.