An outline of how to use a webhook to connect your Verdmo to services.


Verdmo now offers an easy way for you to connect your device to other services, and that is with our Webhook feature. By entering a webhook URL your Verdmo will trigger whatever service you connect it to every time your moisture level falls below the guide level.

STEP 1 - Sign Up for IFTTT

The first thing you need to do is sign up for IFTTT at ifttt.com. IFTTT stands for IF This Then That and is a simple service that allows you to link two different products together. In this example we will be linking a Verdmo to Rachio sprinklers in order to turn the sprinklers on automatically when Verdmo's moisture reading drops below the guide level. 

STEP 2 - Start Your Connection to an Action

Once you have signed up for IFTTT the first thing you need to do is find services to connect. Click the "Explore" button in the top right hand corner of the page followed by the "Create" button. This will lead you to the start of an IF THIS THEN THAT connection.

STEP 3 - Connect IFTTT to Webhook

Click the + symbol to be brought to a search page. In this search box, search for "Webhook". Once the Webhook box shows up click on it to be brought to the Webhook page.

STEP 4 - Create Connection to Webhook

Click on the box titled "Receive a web request" in order to add the webhook function to the connection you are creating. This is indicating that a webhook will be used to trigger the next event.

STEP 5 - Name your Webhook Connection

Here is where you name your webhook connection. This can be anything you want, but you will need this later on, so don't make it too complicated. You can name it by your zone, or area where it is located for example. Once named click "Create Trigger".

STEP 6 - Add an Action to Your Connection.

Now you will return to the If This Then That page and see a  blue symbol after "If" indicating the webhook connection has been added. Now it is time to add Rachio. Click on the + button to return to the search screen. 

STEP 7: Search for Rachio

Now on the search page search for "Rachio" and then click on the Rachio box that appears. Everything before STEP 7 is the basis for how to connect any Webhook to Verdmo. At STEP 7 you can search for any service you want, Rachio, Rainmachine, Google Assistant and so on. 

STEP 8: Connect your Rachio

You will now be on a page with a Rachio description and a large connect button. Press this button and you will be brought to a Rachio sign in page. Use your Rachio account to log in, and when prompted click "Allow" to connect your Rachio account to IFTTT.

STEP 9 : Choose What Your Rachio Does

At this stage you get to choose what you want your Rachio system to do when triggered by your Verdmo. Choose the option you feel would work best for you. In this example we are using "Start a zone".

STEP 10 - Choose Your Zone and Time

Once you have chosen your option you will be presented with the options to have it react the way you want. For "Start a zone" you are presented with a selection of what zone you want to turn on, and for how long. Make your selections and click "Create Action".

STEP 11 - Finish Your Connection

Now you are at the final stage of connecting your Verdmo to your Rachio on IFTTT. Review the the information and click "Finish".

STEP 12 - Find Webhook in Your Services

Now we need to find the webhook url so we can add it to your Verdmo app and start watering automatically. There are several ways to find the Webhook service on IFTTT, but we are using the search function. At the top of the page search for Webhook. In the results click "services" and then select the Webhook box.

STEP 13 - Viewing Webhook Documentation

Once on the webhook page you will see a "Documentation" button on the top right. Click this button to get to the page with the final information needed.

STEP 14 - Trigger URL

On this page you will see a lot of information, but it is simple to use. In the Verdmo app you will need to enter the URL listed under the heading "Make a POST or GET a web request to:". The only change you need to make is where it says "{event}". In STEP 5 you named your webhook connection, that name is what you need to enter in the URL instead of {event}. For instance if you named it "Front Yard", you would enter "...trigger/Front Yard/with..." in that space. The code at the end of the URL is distinctive to your IFTTT account. You will need to enter this entire URL into the Verdmo app.

STEP 15 - Enter URL into Verdmo App

The URL from STEP 14 now needs to be typed into the Webhook Entry section in the Verdmo app under the "Connect" tab. Once you have the URL entered into the app your Verdmo will trigger your Rachio sprinklers on the next update. If you have any issues make sure that the webhook URL is entered correctly. Of course you can contact us if you have any questions.