Water conservation is very important to everyone at VERDMO. From the beginning we wanted to make a device that not only worked to help make lawns look better, but to also cut back on water usage. Overwatering can be harmful to your lawn, but also result in excess runoff. VERDMO is designed to reduce overwatering and conserves water for everyone.


Part of our mission to conserve water is to help make clean water available to everyone. This is why we are donating a portion of our sales to the Safe Water Network. What Safe Water Network does in their own words: "We’ve worked alongside communities in Ghana and India since 2008, providing more than a million people daily access to safe water. We provide the training, tools, and support to ensure the system can be locally managed and operated. Customers pay a nominal amount to ensure financial sustainability."

Made in north america

When we set out to start VERDMO we knew we wanted to offer a product that was made locally. Throughout the development we continued to work with local suppliers and the result is a product we're proud to say is made in North America. By having VERDMO built locally we are in a better position to work with our suppliers to create a high quality product. Working locally allows us to better control all aspects of VERDMO production and we know this results in a better product.

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