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Common questions and answers about Verdmo and issues you may have.

General Information.

What is Verdmo?
How does Verdmo work?
Is there an app for Verdmo?
How long is the battery life?
What kind of battery do you recommend?
Do all AA batteries work?
Is Verdmo waterproof?
How far will Verdmo work from my wifi router?
How can I extended my wifi range?
Can I walk on my Verdmo?
Can my lawnmower go over Verdmo when I am cutting the grass?
Can I leave my Verdmo outside in the winter?
What temperatures does Verdmo work?
How do I install and setup Verdmo?
Can I have Verdmo's on different wifi networks?
Why does the app say my Verdmo is offline/disconnected?
How do I know how far my Verdmo will reach?
Can I connect my Verdmo to my sprinklers (and other services).


When will my order ship?
How long will shipping take?
Do you offer other shipping methods?
I never received my shipment, what do I do?


My Verdmo stopped working, what do I do?
I found water in my Verdmo, will it work again?
I can’t get my Verdmo to connect to my wifi?
It’s hard to push my Verdmo into the ground, what do I do?
My Verdmo has been showing the same reading for a while, what do I do?
My Verdmo says to change the batteries, how long do I have until it stops working?
My Verdmo’s readings have slowly increased during the first week.
I am changing my Wifi/I'm having trouble connecting during setup.

If you require any further assistance or have any questions regarding Verdmo please contact us.